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NBA Finals

  1. PatsSoxKnicks
    Great series so far
  2. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    Lebron is just so great.

    Gonna win FMVP
  3. PatsSoxKnicks
    Who wins game 5?
  4. Shammyguy3
    Prior to the series starting, I said Spurs in 6. Which means they'll need to win the next two games in order to do it.

    I think they win game 5, but idk if they win two in a row. Heck, this series might end up going with no win streaks.
  5. PatsSoxKnicks
    I'm convinced this goes 7 games. Or maybe I'm just hoping it does but I don't see either team winning 2 in a row from this point on.
  6. AP=MVP
    Home team wins next 3

    LBJ has his Jordan moment winning either 6 or 7 on his own in 4th
  7. PatsSoxKnicks
    I could see the Spurs winning game 5 and then LBJ comes up with a huge game 6 performance to force game 7.

    If the Heat lose this finals, does LBJ's legacy have any shot at catching MJ's legacy? Would be very difficult imo. And even if the Heat win this years' Finals, not sure that he ever does "catch" MJ. Perhaps then the question becomes, what about Kareem, Magic, Bird, etc.?
  8. PatsSoxKnicks
    Finals MVP at the moment?
  9. Shammyguy3
    If Lebron loses this Finals, even in 7 games, Jordan will be completely out of reach. He would have to have a huge bounce-back seasonS (plural) in order to jump ahead of Kareem/Hakeem/Wilt/Duncan/Shaq and maybe Bryant/Bird/Magic/Moses at that point.

    But, if he plays like he did tonight they win the series. If he plays like he did in game 3, they lose the series. In between that level of play? It's a toss up on what happens. If he plays great and they still lose, then this becomes a conversation we've had in the past: "How much help does Lebron really have?"
  10. ManRam
    Test: can I post in groups?
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