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  1. PackerBum9786
    I'd offer a 2nd and a 5th
  2. wissportsfan
    With Harris at RB. I wouldn't mind seeing us go with a workhorse physical presence type of back. Maybe not in the 2nd but 3rd or 4th.

    Thoughts on Jordan Reed TE out of Florida?

    Also I'm very high on Bacarri Rambo S out of Georgia. That's just my take.
  3. Norm
    I messaged you I wanted to target Bell in 4th. I'm thinking he won't get there but who knows.

    You know I've always liked Rambo.

    I'm ALL for Reed too.
  4. Norm
    Where do you think Rambo goes
  5. PackerBum9786
    I've heard good things about Reed just haven't looked at him yet

    Rambo I know there were high on last year if he would have came out then he had that trouble or something now I think they are saying 3rd round again Haven't looked yet.
  6. wissportsfan
    I think if we can get him with a 2nd rounder that would be about right. Because of Reid, Elam, and maybe even Lester he's been kind of overshadowed.
  7. wissportsfan
    As far as backs go. I really like Bell as well. Others that fit the description that I mentioned would be Lacy and Ball. I don't like the idea of picking Lattimore because we wouldn't get him until next season. Only way I like us to do that is if we re-signed Benson.
  8. wissportsfan
    Backs that don't fit that description but would be good value I think are Gio and Ellington. I like Ellington but I need to watch another game from him this year. He had a toe injury last year and the one game I saw of him this year he looked like he didn't have as much wiggle so I wanted to confirm that with another game.
  9. Norm
    Any shot in hell Gio makes it to our next pick?
  10. wissportsfan
    I don't think so
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