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  1. wissportsfan
    Keenan Allan, Phillip Thomas, William Gholston, and Joseph Randle
  2. Norm
    Stoneburner late would be great. I'm not as familiar with Escobar other than what I've heard.
  3. Norm
    Well this is pointless wiss. People can view these messages and they know what we've been saying.
  4. wissportsfan
    Big guy. Big red zone threat. Has better wheels than you'd expect. Good hands. Hate to say it but he kind of reminds me of Tony G
  5. wissportsfan
    That's dumb. I wondered about that
  6. Norm
    Doesn't make any sense.....
  7. PackerBum9786
    I think it is because of the new forum set up you click on your user profile you can see what thread you last posted in and what you said
  8. Norm
    Yeah that's what he said. Then after that he can still go and look at the pages too though
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