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  1. MMando
    On the clock
  2. wissportsfan
    Personally, I think we got to go OL. I say Benavides. I don't know a ton about this guy but from what I've read he isn't bad. I know Frederick is still out there but I don't know if he fits our system. Either that or kickers from Florida. Maybe a TE.
  3. PackerBum9786
    Is Khaled still out there? I think he would be a good pick up. That TE from Tennessee looks pretty good, That DL from Tennesse-martin would be a good late round pick
  4. wissportsfan
    Just watched the South practice. They really raved about Schwenke. Dude looks pretty stout. I haven't watched anything on him yet, but he might be someone to consider as well.
  5. Kevolu
    Schwenke is some1 that definitely rose up the draft boards over this last week. In pads he looked like one of the better lineman each practice. I've been saying all along I feel TT can find a good mid rd talent that can compete for the Center spot with EDS and more pressing needs can be filled in the first. It has been proven over time that good Centers are just as likely to be from mid/late rds as 1st/2nd rds.
  6. PackerBum9786
    Yeah Mayock was raving about Schwenke the other day He didn't look too bad but I still like the kid from USC
  7. Norm
    AJ Klein or Travis Kelce

    Think we can still get a center, the CAL kid who I know mayock loves...a little later.
  8. wissportsfan
    Not a huge fan of Kelce but I wouldn't mind Klein
  9. XJW18
    Sorry ive been absent.
    who have u guys taken so far?
  10. wissportsfan
    I wouldn't mind Gavin Escobar or Jake Stoneburner
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