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  1. Kevolu
    well how long does this draft go. I kind of figured we would get a fourth comp. More or less emulate the actual draft better.
  2. Kevolu
    I just fell in love with the way Leon Mcfadden plays. I'm thinking he goes way earlier than the fourth in the actual draft. The reason being I'm even considering a CB this high is we have no clue if Williams will even be around next year. His play dropped off dramatically and 3 CB's proved capable behind him. If that is the case another CB must be brought in.
  3. PackerBum9786
    I would honestly rather have Randle than Bell but, Bell would be ok, Mychal Rivera tight end from Tennessee could be a good pick.
  4. Norm
    I never understood Randle. He's this tall thin glider. I know he's pretty fast and stuff but I just don't see him being a star or anything.
  5. Norm
    As far as OUR team goes I don't see how he improves us much.
  6. PackerBum9786
    When I watched him I thought he was a more polished and healthier Starks
  7. Norm
    He reminds me of Mike Goodson. Maybe Reggie Bush and how they use him in MIA at best.
  8. PackerBum9786
    Oh yeah you remember me telling you that James Jones was coming to the community college here? they want $70 bucks for tickets to the dinner that he is attending.
  9. wissportsfan
    I don't mind McFadden but he's too small for my liking. I'd like our next CB to be a shut down corner. Someone who could cover anyone. We tried that with Tramon because he had the 40 inch vertical. I'm hoping for a corner that's at least 6'1. I'll be honest I haven't found someone in this draft that fits that bill.
  10. PackerBum9786
    Sanders Commings has looked pretty good at the senior bowl I know you said at least 6'1 but he is listed at 6'0 even. he could be someone taken in the mid rounds
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