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  1. Norm
    Looks like we might still get bell.........

    He could have kept your pick. CSSTL texted me to pick and I wasn't near a PC and had to wing it.
  2. Norm
    And this is about how it always moves Kevolu
  3. Norm
    Devin Taylor or Jake Stoneburner late
  4. PackerBum9786
    If Stoneburner works on his blocking he could be something special
  5. wissportsfan
    Sorry I've been really busy. I've been able to get on the past couple of days.
  6. wissportsfan
    I say we go RB if we can. We still got some good backs out there. Bell, Ellington, Randle, Michael. Personally, that's the order I like but wouldn't be disappointed with any of them at this point in the draft.
  7. Norm
    Ellington and Randle are there? Man, I swore Randle was gone and Ellington has been on lists I've had PMd to me.

    I think if Bell makes it to us........I don't know how you pass. We've been so horrible in short yardage, he could be the answer there while be our early down back. Not a three downer but a possible bellcow still.
  8. Kevolu
    I want a RB too but is there anyway we can trade back up into the fourth for a second player. I would take Bell over Ellington but I have concerns about both.
  9. Norm
    We could try but it would easily take all of our picks and I'm not sure anyone would want to do that.
  10. wissportsfan
    Yeah I'm not sure moving would be a good idea. We got some options right now. Bell right now would be for sure the front runner. Seems to fit us pretty well.
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