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  1. Norm
  2. Kevolu
    I'm curious and too lazy to look back. Was Allen who you guys decided before or after Hankins was taken off the board. I really don't mind the selection and think he will be a year one contributor but would like the first spent elsewhere. I think there are some good WR's going to be available in rd 2.
  3. Norm
    We decided after Hankins IIRC. It was more me deciding than anything be honest.
  4. wissportsfan
    I decided to look at another game of Rambo's last night and I don't really find too many flaws in his game. I mean he'll occasionally take a bad angle in the run game or go for the big hit instead of wrapping up. I see these things as very fixable. Without him getting in trouble off the field I feel like he'd be a fairly high pick. Or at least 1st round for sure.
  5. XJW18
    So next pick what are you thinking Norm?
    Safety? RB?
  6. Kevolu
    Wow I'm disappointed. Iam Brett Favre is picking for Buffalo huh. He would swipe Da'rick Rogers after a couple of us were raving about him in multiple threads. Did he do it on purpose? That is the question.
  7. Kevolu
    Well this idea died out quick.
  8. PackerBum9786
    I don't think it really died permanently just the weekends our whole forum just kind of dies
  9. PackerBum9786
    so what are we thinking Here Bell, Randle, Reed? anyone?
  10. PackerBum9786
    I made the pick guys hope your not to mad at me for it I know some of you liked him I took Le'veon Bell
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