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  1. wissportsfan
    I really think the only reason Reed wasn't drafted higher was because Florida used him to block way too often. He's a terrible blocker. Either way, I wouldn't mind targeting him around 3rd round.
  2. wissportsfan
    I still think receiver was somewhat of a need. Especially when you think that Jones will be a free agent next year.

    I think the best way to do this is to look at some of the positions that we need. PB made a good list there. Look at the top players at each position and put that into a big board.
  3. PackerBum9786
    Receiver was a little bit of a need but, not a first round need we could have waited for someone later on but, He was kind of BPA at that point and we had no one else that really all agreed on
  4. PackerBum9786
    alright fellers I got to hit the sack got to work in the morning I will be back tomorrow
  5. XJW18
    i just had a 5 player list with my comments about them and i accidentally left the damn page!!!!
    all gone..
  6. XJW18
    A few Guys i like

    Montee Ball - Ball does a nice job finding the run lanes and attacking the line of scrimmage with good quickness in tight areas, showing the speed to get around the edge. He has good balance and deceiving run power to slip out of tackles, rarely going down easily.

    Le'Veon Bell - A powerfully-built runner who has the ability to break tackles with pad level, strength and quickness. He lacks ideal speed and gets himself in trouble when attempting to go east-west, but he has NFL potential as a complimentary back in the right offense. Needs to be more productive and show more consistent vision between the tackles.
  7. XJW18
    TJ McDonald - He certainly boasts the combination of size, speed, overall athleticism, hitting ability and ball skills that every NFL team is looking for.

    Eric Reid - He possesses the ideal build and athleticism for the position, shows excellent instincts and is a scrappy, tenacious defender whose big hits and ball skills make him a legitimate weapon in the deep patrol. He throws his body around and might be the most violent striker in the SEC, but if Reid doesn't learn how to play smarter and harness his fierce playing style then he'll have a tough time making a living in the NFL.

    Phillip Thomas - Thomas has proven himself to be a natural playmaker over four starting seasons with the Bulldogs. He's responsible for producing 20 turnovers (13 interceptions, six forced fumbles, one fumble recovery) but will occasionally get burned when gambling on play-action or double-moves by receivers.
  8. XJW18
    There's plenty of DLine guys in this draft
    John Jenkins
    Margus Hunt
    Bennie Logan
    Sylvester Williams
    Brandon Williams
    Joe Kruger
  9. Norm
    Thomas and Bell I really like. They would be big targets for us IMO.

    I would mind Jenkins or Hunt. Hunt is all about slot for me. Someone will reach.
  10. XJW18
    in this years draft, im more excited about rounds 2-5 than i am with our first pick.
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