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Da Games?

  1. GunFactor187
    Has anyone gotten tickets yet? It'd be cool to have meetups at the games.
  2. LionsFan..LOL
    I'm thinking about getting some for the Lakers and OKC games.
  3. GunFactor187
    Yeah the OKC game is one I'm trying to get tickets to go to as well.
  4. Hawkeye15
    I am going to catch them when they visit down here in Houston most likely.
  5. GuySir
    I haven't been to a game in 20 years.
  6. LionsFan..LOL
    The last Pistons game I went to was a 2005 (I think) preseason game against the Heat. I've actually been to the Palace more for High Graduations (myself, my sister, a friend of mine) than actual Pistons games lol
  7. GunFactor187
    I've been to the Palace a grand total of 3 times, one for an actual game (vs. Wizards) and 2 for the Palace Locker Room store, in which the most recent trip (after the Pistons Open Practice) I got myself a Monroe jersey there.
  8. RipCity32
    ive been twice,once against the suns and once against the cavs.Its crazy how big some of these guys are when your there.
  9. Deception
    I went to the Chicago game last year that went down to the wire, sat court side and never want to go to another game unless I get those seats again. But meeting up would be a good idea
  10. GuySir
    **** Chicago
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