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  1. Norm
    Do it
  2. TearsOfPurple
    "So, if you're the "leader" of a troop, and you're pinned down by scathing machine gun fire, you would demonstrate your leadership by jumping out of the foxhole and rushing towards the enemy? Or would you say, let's keep our head low until things get a little less dangerous, or we can figure a way out of this."

    I can't believe he just went there.
  3. Norm

    He'sso stupid. I love his **** about how much the QBs get paid and gabbert gets less.

    Derrppp this guy threw for 25 TDs and made 12mil and gabbert did 12 and made 3 mil so he'sbetter derp derp derp
  4. John Walls Era
    "Offense sells tickets, Defense wins games, BUT Blaine Gabbert wins championships"

    Ok ok he didn't actually say this.
  5. LionsFan..LOL
    "What is Rodgers, 27 or 28? Tough call. Aaron will certainly be better over the next 3 or 4 years. If I was a G.M. it would be Rodgers easy, because if you don't win in that period of time you're gone. As a fan who isn't betting his job on it I'd probably go Gabbert since I think there would be more enjoyment watching him develop and get better over that period than there would be getting 35 Tds and 12 wins from Rodgers most every year."
  6. Norm
    lol yeah that's so the best one. "Tough call" I about lost it the first time I saw that.

    I liked my line about Weeden, he always says Gabbert will be a 4 year starter by the time Rodgers won as many games as him.

    And I go, Guys, by the time Gabbert is Brandon Weeden's age he will have started for 2 seasons.
  7. whooligun
    "I think the Jags played several of the top defenses in the league in the first part of last season. Gabbert certainly didn't feast on patsies."
  8. C-Wick925
    Thank god for alpha dog.. My car was broke down since the 5th and the shop took fkkin forever.. Im not sure what i would have done being stuck at home without alpha to entertain me...
  9. John Walls Era
    All of you are scurvyboys
  10. Norm
    Matt Flynn had a worse rookie year than Gabbert. I base this off hte 5 passes he threw
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