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  1. arkanian215
    Introduce yourselves here

    Favorite current Nets player:
    Favorite all time Nets player:
    Favorite Nets moment:
    First Nets game:
    Other favorite teams:
  2. Robbw241
    Location: Raleigh, NC/ Bergen County, NJ
    Favorite current Nets player: Marshon Brooks
    Favorite all time Nets player: Bostjan Nachbar
    Favorite Nets moment: Boki dunking on the whole knicks team and getting a T for taunting
    First Nets game: earliest I can remember was a random game vs Grizz back in like 05
    Other favorite teams: Dolphins, Devils, Yankees, Arsenal F.C., New York Red Bulls
  3. jmoney85
    Location: Monmouth County, NJ
    Favorite current Nets player: Gerald Wallace
    Favorite all time Nets player: Jason Kidd
    Favorite Nets moment: Waiting outside continental airlines arena for game 4 of the eastern conference finals in 02 and how crazy everything was
    First Nets game: dont remember the year off hand but vince coleman and jayson williams were on the team
    Other favorite teams: Yankees, devils, giants
  4. njnets
    Location: Westchester County
    Favorite current Nets player: hump
    Favorite all time Nets player: j-kidd
    Favorite Nets moment: too many. but the triple overtime game was so good. the VC buzzer beater over the raptors. harris half court shot to win.
    First Nets game: not sure, it was a while back. probably 15 years ago. somewhere around there.
    Other favorite teams: falcons, yankees, rangers
  5. chuckdaily85
    Location: Essex County
    Favorite current player: MarShon Brooks
    Favorite All-Time player: Kenyon Martin
    Favorite Nets Moment: 2002 NBA Eastern Conference championship against Boston
    First Nets game: I don't remember, but I did go to a playoff game when we had VC & lost to Miami...
    Other Favorite teams: Mets, Giants, Devils
  6. JOhnnyTHaJet
    Location: Monmouth County, NJ
    Favorite current Nets player: MarShon Brooks
    Favorite all time Nets player: Jason Kidd (The Captain)
    Favorite Nets moment: Devin Harris half-court game winning shot, I was at the game and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Just the pure excitement of all the fans in the stadium was beyond intense, it felt like a finals game.
    First Nets game: February of 2003 (I was 10) vs the Pacers, we won, and from that point on I was hooked.
    Other favorite teams: Yankees, Jets, Devils, UK (basketball).
  7. krisxsong
    Location: Orange County, California.
    Favorite current Nets player: Deron Williams.
    Favorite all time Nets player: Jason Kidd.
    Favorite Nets moment: Game 5 vs Pacers 2002, Game 5 vs Pistons 2004.
    First Nets game: At Clippers in 2001.
    Other favorite teams: New York Giants, New York Yankees, California Golden Bears.
  8. 1_FrozenNetsFan
    First I have to thank whoever it is that invited me to the group. This is my first group I've joined and more than likely my last but I'm happy to be with you all.
    Favorite current Nets player: hump I know he's not the most talented and now with crash here he's on a par as far as working hard every game
    Favorite all time Nets player: j-kidd Having said that I've really liked several of the Nets players a lot dating back to the Dr.
    Favorite Nets Moment: Well I can remember when the ABA Nets won the championship. That was pretty special. I saw the VC game winner against the raptors. cool!! I loved that stretch run the first season we had VC where he and JK virtually willed the team into the playoffs. All the JK years were special to me.
    First Nets game: The one I haven't seen yet, but trust me I will. Probably this coming season
    Other Favorite teams: In general order of interest and sport
    Red Sox-Nats-Padres
  9. arkanian215
    Location: NYC
    Favorite current Nets player: Marshon Brooks
    Favorite all time Nets player: Jason Kidd
    Favorite Nets moment: 1) Making the finals the first time. 2) 2008 draft (got everyone I wanted) 3) Drafting Favors 4) Amnestying Outlaw.
    First Nets game: vs Milwaukee @ Izod. We lost
    Other favorite teams: USMNT, RBNY, EFC, NY Giants, Mets
  10. JerseysFinest
    Location: Middlesex County, Jersey
    Favorite Current Net: Deron Williams
    Favorite All Time Player: Kenyon Martin
    Favorite Nets moment: Reading on twitter the Nets acquired Deron Williams after all hope seemed lost when Melo went to NY. Also Game 5 in '02 against Indy.
    First Nets game: Cleveland and NJ. Not sure when, but I know LeBron and I believe Ricky Davis was on the team so maybe 2003-2006 or so.
    Other favorite teams: Jets and Chelsea.
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