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Legless Woman

  1. natepro
    They deleted the RIP thread too?
  2. greg_ory_2005
    how dare they delete it!!
  3. More-Than-Most
    why did they delete the rip thread? Man I feel like I just lost a part of me
  4. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    Someone also snitched that it was in my VM wall.

    Lol Greetard has like 2 whack ones though. Nothing worth looking at though.
  5. natepro
    I almost feel like last night was a dream. And I think my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
  6. PleaseBeNice
    Why the **** would they delete that RIP thread
  7. Avenged
    I don't know why they decided to get rid of the RIP thread (whoever that was). Oh well.

    What an Epic thread, every time I think of shark or jetski I bust out
  8. cheaptrikz
    RIP the RIP thread
  9. ESaady
    I had an accounting midterm today and one of the questions had to do with a Ski lodge and it automatically made me think of the jet ski. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face so my professor suspected me of cheating. I'm lucky I didn't bust out laughing, everyone would have though I'm insane.
  10. More-Than-Most
    Lmfao I Lol most of the day out of nowhere... My fam was watching Jeopardy tonight and they had a blow up floating shark because there was a question about their talefins and I was ****ing rolling... My GF said I need to seek help.
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