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  1. TheKid
    I currently have been playing MetroHockey for a few seasons now. They allow you to create private leagues to play with your friends. With my background running TKO here on PSD (TKO is one of the two baseball sim leagues), I thought it would be fun to do this as well.

    Here's how it work:

    I will be setting up the league (10 or 15 teams, depending on how many people sign up)... Each team (you make up your own team name btw, not NHL teams) is generated a roster using the game's expansion team formula (I'm not sure exactly how it does this, but it's a fairly even process, so we'll all be starting out with relatively equal teams).
  2. TheKid
    You then sign your players to contracts and set your lineups. Each day, there are 2 or 4 games to be played. You can choose to either simulate these games automatically or play them yourself (remember it's text based so it sometimes can be a bit boring, but only takes 2-3 minutes per game). You are only responsible for simming or playing 2 games per day (your home games), so you're looking at 5-6 minutes per day.

    Playing the games (instead of simming) gets you in-game credits which can be used for upgrading your arena, scouting draft picks, hiring coaches and buying out contracts of players if you want to. Simming these games does not gain you credits unless you're a donor to the game ($6/mo or $65/yr i believe is their donation requirements). Donations are NOT required to play in our league, but if you want to do so, feel free.
  3. TheKid
    At the end of the regular season, there are playoffs and a Cup champion is crowned. Awards are also given out by the game and then we enter into the offseason where you can sign free agents and make trades while we prepare for the next season (note: you're also allowed to sign free agents and make trades during the regular season too if you want to).

    Each day you are given 10 drills to use on your players. Through these drills your players can gain ratings and get better. Your players also naturally get better as they grow older (up to age 26) and decline when they are old (past age 32).

    Players have a single rating (~40ish up to 100) as well as a "style". For example, you might be given an 81 rated sniper as a forward or a 95 rated "butterfly" goalie... etc etc etc.
  4. TheKid
    One season is 30 days long, so it goes by pretty quick. I was thinking of setting up a Sim League Section in the Hockey forum here for us to have a trade block, season chat etc etc and get to talk about the league and whatnot.

    Hope that answers some of your questions. If you have more, please let me know.

    I'll be setting up team-email addresses so that you don't need to sign up with your personal e-mail (this has been raised as a weary point by some interested parties). This also allows us to easily replace a GM if they quit or become in-active. Once I set these e-mail addresses out, i'll send my other account's referal link (which gains me referal points for my OTHER (non-league) account only, so I can't use them to help my league team, it's just gaining me a bonus for my other team only.

    Once we fill the league, I'll start a permanent league and instruct you guys on how to join it.
  5. TheKid
    Like I said before, the team names are fictional, so you have to choose a team name that hasn't been taken by someone else already playing the game. I'm pretty sure all the NHL teams have been taken, but I can check for you if you want me to.

    I'll update the following list once we get going:
  6. TheKid
    League Sign Ups
    Team 1 - The New Jersey Thundercats (Bill_R10)
    Team 2 - The _____________ (RandyRocks77)
    Team 3 - The Greendale Human Beings (Twitchy)
    Team 4 - The _____________ (tdog_forever)
    Team 5 - The _____________ (Fukudome4MVP)
    Team 6 - The _____________ (SensandRaps)
    Team 7 -
    Team 8 -
    Team 9 -
    Commish - The Bean Town Bruins (TheKid)

    If we get enough ppl well go to a 15 team format.
  7. RandyRocks77
    I'll take a team, not sure team name yet though
  8. Bill_R10
    I'll take - New Jersey Thundercats
  9. tdog_forever
    im in and ill take the purple cobras
  10. Fukudome
    Flint Tropics, please
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