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Scarves Optional

  1. haggis
    Boy, you guys look really good in your peacoats. Just wanted to tell you that.
  2. northsider
    Whats that you say? Leave my Peacoat on during sex? You realize sex without it may never be the same.
  3. Driven
    I knew that this group would be created. And I'm a proud member.
  4. Iodine
    I am actually the reason Kanye ever rocked a peacoat.
  5. Iodine
    Also is this pretty much a shadow government of PSD?
  6. Young and Stupid
    Young and Stupid
    Scarves are not optional.
  7. HOWE do i do it
    HOWE do i do it
    Drive, your thread moved me.
  8. Driven
    Like, moved you, like, emotionally? Or like your dick, like, moved?
  9. HOWE do i do it
    HOWE do i do it
    Is either option wrong?
  10. northsider
    Possibly going out tonight so I may have some Me, My Peacoat, and the whore it attracted photos.
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