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Nets Group

  1. Dynasty
    we have 8 people, nice
  2. Robbw241
    Nets are the greatest
  3. Nets fan 93
    Nets fan 93
    No.. boki is the greatest..j/k...

    Glad i got this many people.. still waiting for JIDsanity.. If i am missing anyone.. please tell me
  4. Dynasty
    There has to be a few more, I'll be looking
  5. ee
    we need more people, is this everyone from the nets forum?
  6. Dynasty
    all the active ones are here, we need to find the inactive ones once they log in
  7. ee
    yo nets fan, why don't u change the colors to a nets silver, navy......check mine out....
  8. Nets fan 93
    Nets fan 93
    I dont think you can for a group...
  9. JIDsanity
    Nets for life
  10. Nets fan 93
    Nets fan 93
    @JID Thats right
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