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Alot of Rivalrys are already growing

  1. smashmouth
    I hope you guys are ready for a battle with just about every stable lmao
  2. BAM233
    That was crazy though lol.
  3. $KnicksAndKobe$
    Only stable we got a problem with for now is the orphanage.
    4 whoreman don't talk period because they scared.
    Canada? lol the whole world hates them.
    wolfpak?3 wolves but two members -.-
  4. smashmouth
    Im straight with the wolf pack, I like what Nate did,,No beef with them ....yet lol...NWO is claiming that have a spy in top faction now..I cant see anyone working for NWO might just be playing a game...Again its a game ive been playing the last 2 original by em
  5. BAM233
    I am fine with the wolfpack as well. Screw The Family, Canada, and the Queens.
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