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Post Game Analysis.

  1. aNYer
    I don't want to steal the shine from the Knicks forum In Game Threads so I thought this would be a little different and a way to keep the other thread for other ongoing discussions.

    Basically to avoid cluttering and too many different conversations.

    After a game is over talk about it here.
  2. Hustla23
    This team has massive potential. It's now all about meshing correctly.

    After seeing Shumpert absolutely lock down D-Will in the second half, I don't worry too much about our defense.

    Given that our offense is probably top 5 in the league, I think we have a chance to do something great.
  3. aNYer
    I agree. Tyson is going to make it easier to defend (can be aggressive and not worry about getting beaten to the rack as much)

    Then you have a good defender like Shumpert, and a little gnat buzzing in your ear like TD. I think our defense will be at least middle of the pack. And when we need one stop I think we can get it, especially with Melo being able to play better defense when his head is into it.
  4. Dmagic87
    I don't know. It depends if Chandler can consistently score 10-12 garbage points and if Melo doesn't turn into a turnover machine running the point.
  5. 29$JerZ
    I have no idea what the heck is wrong with Fields. He can't hit a shot.
    It's sad when Balkman looks like a better SG than you
  6. 29$JerZ
    Also this is not a 3rd/4th seed team. People really dissapoint me with that expectation.
    Next year is our year IMO, this season is pretty much a tryout for who will be on our team moving toward.
    I think we'll be the 3rd or 4th best team in the conference by the end of the season, health permitting, but our overall record will land us in the 5-7 seed range due to our team lacking chemistry to start and the injury concerns we have at key positions.

    The preseason games went well. Couple guys looked good, rust was apparent for both teams. But the defensive energy was noticeably different. Chandler is going to have a bigger impact on our team then the numbers he puts in the stat sheet would make you believe he's having. Our biggest concern is the health of our two big men. Amar'e and Tyson have to stay healthy for us to be a top team and even dream of locking down a 3 seed.
  8. aNYer
    Yeah I agree. Its like Miami last year. In the regular season there is no detailed game plan, just a couple of schemes base on who your playing. A lot of times once Miami got going they just out talented teams with their stars. When they actually played better as a team was when they got out on the break and their junior star, RaptorMan was passing out the post.

    I think we will just out talent teams at first and then try and just show we are a better team once we start to get in a groove together.
  9. aNYer
    After the Pistons game it looks like we will finally be able to use this thread soon. Finally starting to look like they are putting it together. Shouldn't be but another 5 games or so.
  10. Weezy
    We are slowly getting better. Amare still needs to find his jumpshot and chemistry with both Tyson and Melo. TD needs to stopping effing around and Fields well.......
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