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How big should the stable get?

  1. smashmouth
    I hate to see us turn into a group like the Family, where members are just a number to them
  2. BAM233
    We probably should just stick with what we have at the moment. It will be interesting to see how the Family will run as a group with 10 members.
  3. smashmouth
    I agree
  4. BAM233
    Just wondering, should we have different roles within the group? I mean who is the second in command, will somebody be the tough guy (bodyguard) of the group, and etc.
  5. smashmouth
    Thats not a bad idea. I think $KnicksAndKobe$ should assign the roles since he is our fearless leader..We can come up with roles though

    *Second in command
    *Enforcer (bodyguard)
    *Mic (good poster, maybe get under rivals skin in the forum)

    what else
  6. BAM233
    You seem to be great with the Mic as it is. I am new here (rookie) so, of course i should not be in anything major at the moment nor be the enforcer till I can feel really comfortable here. The only thing I can think of to add would be a Mentor/Manager, but yea $KnicksAndKobe$ might have a better idea on what to do with this great group.
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