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Fantasy Football Place

  1. RavensFan23
    Fairly self explanatory. I only have one losing league at 5-6. My others are 11-0, 9-2, and 7-4.
  2. darklord43
    uh..tried to go to the regular site, and I don't see it anymore???
  3. evade
    man,I can never catch you guys on anymore.Maybe I shouldn't have disappeared for seven years.
  4. RavensFan23
    I'm usually on, just don't check here very often anymore since it's pretty much dead.
  5. darklord43
    I didn't plauy ff this year, first year since about what?..6 or 7 years?..and to be honest--I don't watch as much, but I enjoy what I do what eveen more, since I watche dmany games, that i cared nothing about..very drunk bros,. forgive the typing..LOL!
    haha steel's ******!
    After a 1 loss season, my team **** the bed in the playoffs and I ended up with 4th place
    is Cam Newton worth a 1st round pick? I'm thinking of grabbing him and grade him a mid-to-low 1st round pick in leagues that award 6 pts. for rushing TD's & 4 pts. for passing TD's.

    your thoughts would be appreciated
  9. Delusional
    Maybe I can catch a FF game with my old friends again next year. I didn't play this year, just too much **** going on to keep track of it.

    I would say that Newton would be an option in the 1st round towards the bottom. He scores in bunches through the air and on the ground. I'd take the risk on it. Just make sure to take the best RB with the early 2nd round pick. Lol.
    thanks to steel me & raves both joined FF for the first time last year with you guys & we both got totally addicted. he had like 7 teams this year! I had 2... but that wasn't enough
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