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PSD servers

  1. B'sCeltsPatsSox
    I've only had a couple of hiccups the past few days. It hasn't been that bad for me.
  2. BlueJayFanDan
    Yeah, but they happen more than they should for such a big site. Its unfair to the posters that the site cant even load sometimes.
  3. Zaunnie
    The redirect url never works for me and I've considered leaving the site due to several...injustices. So sure I guess I'll protest with you guys
  4. Zaunnie
    Occupy psd
  5. tyfreaks brotha
    tyfreaks brotha
    Real ****** tonight
  6. BlueJayFanDan
    Haha Occupy PSD indeed Zaunnie. Invite everyone you know guys! This protest needs to be huge! I even invited some mods. If mods join our protest maybe it will help our case. And I also meant it when I said I will leave PSD by the new year if its not fixed. I am tired of having to wait 15-20 seconds to load a page, than another 20 seconds for my posted to be posted. Its really annoying and unfair.
  7. BlueJayFanDan
    My goal for this group is a minimum of 50 people, at which point I will send this group page to every admin on the site.
  8. thedfactor
    I do get bothered at times when the server goes down and you cannot utilize the forums, but despite that fact I won't be leaving the site any time soon. Still a great site for sports news, opinions, and cool peeps. I'll deal with the server blurps
  9. behindmydesk
    it's been complete horshit for me since the upgrade to the new bulletin.
  10. BlueJayFanDan
    Seguin, I have no knowledge of website design and wouldn't know how to do that, but if it resorts to that then I would learn. My point of this group is for PSD to make a change before losing users. It really is a great site but some days these servers are just awful.

    BMD, glad to have you in the group. I know some of the mods are fed up with it, and when the site is slow it makes your job harder. If the site sees mods unhappy I think they will be more inclined to make changes.
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