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The Football War Room

  1. Delusional
    There wasn't any luck involved with the Broncos beating the Steelers. Execution and making big plays was what won it.
  2. RavensFan23
    Don't make fun of Flacco's porn stache rain, the 'stache won the AFC North.

    How bout them Denver Tebows?
    Sorry about the dead zone by the way, I was out for the holidays.
  3. nupebolt83
    Please don't tell me you think Tebow is a good QB...Take him out of "The Option Offense" and the guy hasn't a clue...Sure he makes a few good throws but most of them are horrible.
  4. Delusional
    And please tell me that you aren't trying to take away the fact that the #1 defense got Tebowed. Did you even watch the game? By far his best game as a pro. He only had two bad throws all game long. The rest were absolutely textbook classics. Don't give that.

    Besides, obviously you don't understand the difference between passers and QB's. Tebow at this point is not a great passer like Rodgers, Brady, Brees, etc. But he is a great QB.
  5. nupebolt83
    How's he playing tonight Bro???
    Tebow got Tebowed
  7. nupebolt83
    That's how I see it!!!
  8. Delusional
    Eh, he didn't have a good game, but the Broncos themselves were horrible... Can't blame it all on the QB.
  9. darklord43
    OK...I have to speak on tebow and steelers...and on delusionals words, tebow didn't have but 2 bad passes...he had many bad passes..what 10 or 11 completions for over 300 yards..that is the numbers..but why is that so??..because steelers sold out 100% on the run...and in theory that is the right thing to do..worked for KC..but what changed????..coaches told tebow to throw it over the wr, put air under tha ball and let the wr make a play...and it worked..noone that innaccurate can shred a defense...but a wr can...I saw tebow throw a pass and hit demarius thomas in the damn feet..LOL!...but put air under it, and it works when defense has both safeties playing on the line, and no one back there...
  10. darklord43
    yeah, i got pissed that someone that bad beat the #1 defense with what he is the worst at passing..but credit the wrs and coachs for exploiting th eonly thing they could, cause without those big plays, what else did tebow have?..absolutely NOTHING....3rd down conversions was abyssmal, as was the run yardage...short and mid passing where accuracy means everything?--absolutely awful for tebow...only the long ball had anything at all..but hey--they won fair and square, no excuses, tebow won by passing, hats off to him..I just wouldn't expect much of that if I was a broncos fan, wish one safety had stayed back, or i wonder if ryan clark had he been there, would they have called the defense different????..
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