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The Football War Room

  1. darklord43
    and that is why if you look up manning stats--3/4 teams give him problems..3/4 teams by nature are confusing because--who is the 4th pass rusher??? never know, and is there gonna be a 5th or more????..can't tell...that is the only weakness to his system...but if he reads you blitz---it is usually a TD...manning is by far--the best QB to have EVER played, and miles above anyone else past or present...including brees,brady,rodgers...who are great--but not doing what manning is where as much...a true off coodinator playing QB, who only gets suggesstions from an off coodinator..LOL!...tom brady only throws slants/outs, and gets called the best ever??cmon man.he is great, can handle the big lights, but pats won 11 gmes without him..colts have without manning...point made with those numbers..
  2. RavensFan23
    Jesus rain you writing an essay for your english class or discussing football? Haha

    As far as Manning, I totally agree with you. I've always considered him a great QB, but now I know he is the best ever. They go from a consistent 12 win team and perennial playoff contenders... To winless. WINLESS. Take Rodgers, Brees, Brady off their teams, the Packers would be 7/8 win team, the Pats would be a 10 win team, and the Saints would be a 6 or 7 win team. But Manning is the Colts. Period.
  3. nupebolt83
    I just heard from an old nemisis...looks like that "ironcurtain" idiot has resurfaced...and nothing has changed.
  4. darklord43
    Jesus rain you writing an essay for your english class or discussing football? Haha----------------------------------------ahh..I just have no simple way to say everything I want to say I guess person, i can get those ideas out real quick, but typing?..truth is, I don't look up that often, and it gets long before I know know me!
  5. darklord43
    colt mccoy/james harrison..OK---give me your take on it, and I hope you guys haven't drunk the cool aid that has poisioned the minds of many longtime football fans..thankfully, i have met many non steelers fans that I work with saying it is a damn crime what is happening, and what goodell is doing to this once awesome sport...let's go ahead and suspend players when they play crap teams for truthfully not that big of a hit, and blame harrison 100% even though it takes 2 to they cAN'T play in the games that really matter-when steelers and ravens both face tough opponents in the same week..lord, just ban all the steelers, and give the north to least then, we wouldn't be fooled into seeing what goodell is doing, or pass more rules that help finesse teams and hurt only the steelers, hines ward rule, now the "harrison" rule since he is the only player suspened under these rules, and is the most often fined guy....god I hate that guy....
  6. darklord43
    I just heard from an old nemisis...looks like that "ironcurtain" idiot has resurfaced...and nothing has changed.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ignore him...the one thing he cannot stand is--to be marginallized into being not important...or just tell him flat out--that his opinion is something that you just flat out don't agree with, and try not to even read, because it is always wrong...then, block him, and tell him he is blocked, because he bores you....then, you are happy, and you have the final word in all of it....
  7. darklord43
    and raven, your words above, I agree 100% on your take on manning, and the other Qbs..I have said for a long time--how bad the colts defense is...and now we see the colts defense having to play--like our teams defenses have to--without 20 point leads..and they can't win a single game.
  8. darklord43
    I am suprised a bit by the gift that the ravens have given to the steelers, let's see if the injured and suspended team can rise in an away game across the nation, and take the lead in the out, and steelers then would be the afc #1 seed, and host all playoff games....not sure if they can do it with the suspensions and massive injuries (ben,pouncey,woodley not 100%)....and harrison out...hopefully, they can muster up enough to take advantage, because if they lose tonight--pats will be the #1 seed and all games will go to their home field....even if steeelrs lose--pats/steelers/ravens all make the playoffs, so 3 guys in here can at least be happy about that...but i am more hopeful for that #1 seed, and time off.....
  9. darklord43
    and what is up with flaccos 1974 gay moustache???? he needs to get that thing right man, cause i couldn't stop laughing every time I saw it...village people looking thing man...quite gay...just grow in the beard and it would be fine..or trim up the sides near to his mouth..good lord..YMCA!
  10. darklord43
    wow..a dead zone?..again?
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