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  1. darklord43
    but back on orton--yep, a better qb than all others..tyler palko is the reason--joe flacco left pit because joe flacco couldn't beat him out!!..LOL!..I am serious.joe flacco went to pit before transferring..left, because he couldn't win the starting job,from palko..palko in 3 straight touches turned the ball over 3 times...fumble, then INT, then INT..and those was the first passes attempted!....steelers played sloppy, moved th ball well, but wasn't scoring...tambi hali is a beast dude, I hadn't watched much of KC playing...but hali is one serious dude..put another decent edge threat--and you have one serious sack happy the KC credit--that wasn't them playing, without charles/berry/cassel--that isn't the cheifs anymore...
  2. darklord43
    and can anyone doubt now--who is the better QB brady or manning?--look at brady/cassel situation..and look at painter/manning...pats won 1 more game, without brady the year he went out..without manning--colts cannot even win 1 game...can a man win the league MVP, by NOT playing???..this year has shown, how a QB can even help a defense by__scoring, and keeping them on the sidelines, and forcing the other team to pass too much, favoring a smaller pass rush type defense...cause without manning, the whole team is off, big time, and is in fact--the worst team in the league..that is a big change there--yearly playoff team/division champ, won 1 super bowl, to the worst team...peyton should win MVP THIS YEAR!!! NOT playing!
  3. RavensFan23
    I bet Flacco was laughing his *** off at Palko. Its one thing to have the opponent jump the route or pick off a tip, but Palko was throwing the ball RIGHT TO the Steelers. Like he didn't understand he was supposed to throw to the guys in the red jerseys.

    Orton is not that bad a QB though. Chiefs might win a few games with him.

    As far as Manning goes, if you watched him play, he audibles every single ****ing play. I don't even think the offensive coordinator does anything besides doodle up some plays for Manning to call. He has a masterful understanding of every little nuance of the game. I'm now willing to call him the best QB in history. And I hate the Colts.
  4. RavensFan23
    And a far as the Packers, I think the Ravens could beat them. Their defense is horrible enough to make ours look good, and if we play on the level we played the 9ers or Steelers, we could make a game out of it. Get in Rodgers' head, make him a little more wobbly, throw some inaccurate passes, maybe even get a few turnovers (though fumbles are more likely with Rodgers' lasercannon of an arm)

    The Steelers might be able to as well, but just like the Ravens, their offense looks confused at times. Disoriented. If they can play consistent offense (and the Packers would let them do that) then they could also make a game out of it.
  5. nupebolt83
    Hey...We finally beat someone...Chargers 38 Jaguars 14
  6. darklord43
    in all truth raven, the ravens may be better equipted player wise to matchup vs GB...but--the problem then becomes--is a SB too big for joe flacco???..those lights are bright, and rodgers is proven he can handle is ben...if rice gets going, he would be fine..but if no ray rice, can flacco lead the team and do a rodgers impersonation????..not sure on that..and truthfully--it may come right down to that, whoever faces them..can you score enough,or outscore them?..because you cannot stop them, only slow them down...steelers lost by--6 points, on a night that rodgers played lights out stat wise...he won the MVP....something favre never did, a KR won it i believe when GB won that last SB....
  7. darklord43
    and GB defennse may look kinda bad stat/yardage wise, but it also is top 5 in gives up major yardage, but no so much point wise by comparison...and on 3rd down and long--it is a fearsome thing to see clay matthews...he is nearly unblockable at the crucial moments, that defense does the job..not saying anything about GB/raven matchup, just saying GB defnse is better than stat lines situational football, it is still one of the best...and, with an offense that good, do you need a top 5 defense????..nope...defense may win championships, but the final score wins it a better way to look at it is this---can whatever team defense, defend what the offense can score well enough to beat any team???..(cont)
  8. darklord43
    (cont) colts won a sb years ago, with the worst rush defense in the league....saints won one, with a yard rated like 12th i think, but top 5 in takeaways..and tops in sacks....defens always wins championships IMO--but scoring does change the thinking, especially now with rules in place to help the passing game so much and limit so many things defensively, especially DB aggression/intimidation.....thoughts?
  9. darklord43
    one more thing--on your off coodinator/manning thing...from what I understand, when moore was in there, he sent in 3 plays each down, 2 run plays, and a pass play to manning...manning chose the play, but had the freedom to change any route on any player on the passing plays, and words mean nothing, it is mostly how he signals to the player on what changes for him...both the wr/te/rb and manning then read the coverage, and ALL have to come to the same call on the coverage (like cover 3/2/man/zone) and run a certain route and to expect the ball at some point in that route THAT CHANGES DUE TO, NO TEAM does that to that kind of level...(cont)
  10. darklord43
    west coast offenses do that to some levels, the read/react/adjust thing, pioneered by bill walsh, but manning/colts take it to another level....manning-is throwing the ball, before the wr/te/rb often even makes his break, so if that guy reads defense wrong?--pick 6....that is why manning can basically pick apart any team, because his offense is changeable at any time, to anything...his only weakness?..he cannot take a hit..hates it...teams that give him fits?--3/4 blitzing teams...because--he makes the wrong read--on his protection adjustments/mike identifications...(cont)
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