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The Football War Room

  1. darklord43
    todd haley has reportedly been offered the occod job at pit, a position he really wanted..have to wait and confirm that it has actually happened, right now just a rumor...his dad has a history with steelers-and this guy will get on bens butt if he doesn't follow instructions.. I expect free agency will be active, and I expect steelers to draft the following positions--DT (hoke retired, possible cap cut of hampton due to age/pay/injury)..guard position-maybe 2 guards taken...probable LT in draft or FA,running back (maybe not,due to depth on position, but mendy at 1 year left,mewelde moore no contract, so one position def open)...LB spot inside and out possible...depth at safety...and QB is a possibility with batch -dixon no contract,leftwich hurt...but def those def positions will be addressed by draft or FA for a possible FA signing of a lower quality DT/NT for insurance.
  2. darklord43
    fred -will pats stay a modified 43 or convert back to a true 34???..what are you hearing?..that could really change the draft of the pats...I expect them to go 43 end with 31....wonder how TE position will be affected by the double dipping of pats and ravens with those guys last few years into the draft..
    Pats have Saints 1st round pick & Oaklands second rounder... so I want a killer draft this year. Most deff a pass-rushing DE/OLB and a CB/safety should be priority early-on, with probably multiple selections at those positions throughout the draft.

    I'm sure the Pats D will continue to switch between 3-4 & 4-3 based on matchups, personel, etc. like they always have. I'm looking forward to seeing what new toys they bring in and how they use them. Perfect scenario would be a pass-rushing college DE that projects to be an OLB in a 3-4 and can be a weapon in either formation.
    scenario is such a weird word... s c e n a r i o . sounds sexy {damn im stoned}
  5. nupebolt83
    Is it Free Agency Time yet???
  6. darklord43
    thanks for the info fred, it was something I was wondering, if they would stay hybrid..although they was hybrid before, i am seeing more of the 43 look than the 34...and yes, a pass rush specialist and IMO a 5 technique DE BOTH would be ideal for them, you don't have to go so high for a 5 tech DE, just a mid rounder would do-but to get a top pass rush guy--unless you are lucky-usually those guys are top 15 guys, because they by themselves are gamechangers, one guy to speed up every pass play..they are golden, one man wrecking crews.
  7. darklord43
    nupe--no, not yet.teams are positioning themselves salary cap wise right now, restructuring deals and setting themselves up.I cannot remember the exact dates, I know that feb 8th was an important date for doing cap stuff, and you can begin to see teams doing things to see who will remain with them, and who will be cut I think on march 3rd????Hines ward has probably played his last year as a steeler..n truth, depth chart wise last year he was listed as a 4th WR, with occasional slot work, or special plays to work him into games.he is on his last year, and makes over 4 million dollars if he isn't cut...he will not make it, due to cap.woodley and timmons restructured their deals today, and it is expected that ben will restructure since he is due 11.4 million this year, along with polamalu at about 6 million dollars.also expect aaron smith to be cut or retire, since he is on IR last 3 years and 2 guys that are first rounders are in place behind him at that same position..he is gone.(cont)
  8. darklord43
    if ben and polamalu restructure-then steelers can get under the cap with just those 4guys, and cutting of ward and smith...sad buisness, but it is a young mans game, and truthfully playing wise--they are the most expendable players listed here with young talented draft picks set up behind them, ready to play, especially at DE position...

    ward has left the door open for playing--with another is still possible that steelers could keep him, but at a league vet minimum he would be pay wise, and even that is doubtful.expect the franchise tag to be used BY ALL TEAMS, since the new cba by avergae has lowered salaries by about an avg of teams will use it, instead of letting guys go, or paying them.
    expect some changes for the steelers roster for this upcoming will be younger
  9. darklord43
    well, if you guys do come in here lay on me some of your team based draft wish list...

    cmon know your team...what do they need?..who do they need?..draft is in april..what less than 70 days now your team will be picking what they need..not far off at all...
  10. nupebolt83
    O-Lineman, Pass Rusher, MLB, SS, WR,CB!!!
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