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The Football War Room

  1. RavensFan23
    Thread for anything and everything football.
    Pats will make the playoffs this year, (because the afc east is weak) but I'm not sold on them. Peckers - Ravens SB maybe???
  3. RavensFan23
    No. I don't even want to get excited about the playoffs this year. The Packers are too damn good. All I can hope is the Saints or 49ers beat them. Because they're the only ones that can.
  4. darklord43
    don't forget about some fairly old dudes who play football, who are still in the hunt...and are a tough matchup, for any top team..not saying they are the best--but if they DO play their best game with all players playing, they can challenge anyone...and when playoff time does come---only the steelers and giants have even been a 6th seed and won it all...just sayin...I know--2 losses to balt--but still....that 3rd agme is no gimme game, for either team-home or away...seriously--the best teams in the afc side balance wise off/def strength are in the afc seriously--what team from the afc side has the potential to actually give Gb a run?????....I would honestly say--steelers have the best chance at making a game out of it, but would probably still lose... but seriously--from a matchup standpoint--who does matchup best against them in your opinion???
  5. RavensFan23
    I think the only team that can go toe to toe with the Packers is the Saints. The only team who could beat them would be the Avengers.
  6. evade
    I say Ravens/Steelers vs. Packers.The only team that could beat the Packers is a sniper team
  7. RavensFan23
    Yep. The Avengers or Seal Team 6. I just hope they get knocked out by the Saints or 9ers before the Super Bowl.
  8. darklord43
    OK--I will word it different--what afc team will give the best matchup score wise in that case?--only one is proven to be within a TD after all.....and packers def isn't as good as last year....truth is, I consider only ravens and astee;ers as valid answers in all honesty....and the 2 wins, that is out the window considering different opponents bring about different outcomes, considering that steelers beat all the teams that ravens lost to...but the rtavens did beat the steelers 2, opinions? wrong answer, just say why you think what you do....pats do not have enough defense IMO to be even in the consideration...
  9. evade
    I can never truly count the Patriots out of it until they are beaten in the playoffs though.Nothing in my mind tells me they can win with that defense,but it's kind of hard to just write off Bellichick and Brady....It kind of looks like it might just be the Ravens year considering how things have gone for them so far....and I got a question for you guys WHO THE ****** IS TYLER PALKO? It's bad enough that the Chiefs overpayed Matt Casserole so badly,but thinking that Tyler Palko is even a practice squad QB ,let alone backup is beyond me.Dan I know you probably saw some of his throws on the Sunday night game against your Steelers.I really have to question some of Scott Pioli's roster decisions.I like Haley though,runs the ball a lot.Watch Kyle Orton will end up being their best QB.
  10. darklord43
    kyle orton will be..truth is, I thought matt cassel was a grat trade--for the pats...they spent a pick on him, late pick, then traded him when brady got hurt because his stock-would never be higher...and truth be told--even tom brady himself said that the pats system is very hard to understand, but once you get it-it is easy to do...perhaps that is why you see a 6th round QB brady flourish under it, and see matt cassel look as good as brady, and even win 11 games that year--brady BTW won 10 the next year after he came back...pats system is very QB friendly with all the slants and short outs, throw 10 yards accurate, and that is 90% of the offense...
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