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The Football War Room

  1. brownsforever10
    I'm back :3 Hi rave,evade,steel,fred, and others.
    hey Brownie & others, how's it hangin? what do you see the Browns doing in the offseason? think they re-sign Hillis?
    I have the Pats taking another early exit from the playoffs this season (for the 3rd straight year). Defense wins Championships and the Pats just ain't got it.
  4. Delusional
    Some of you know who I am, but if you don't, this is some of your guys' old pal broncosfan4ever. Glad to see some familiar faces around again.

    Looking forward to the Broncos' first playoff appearance in 6 years this Sunday. That's a long time to wait for a postseason appearance. We could win this game if we don't commit dumb mistakes and force Big Ben to move on his bum ankle and force mistakes. Go Broncos!
  5. brownsforever10
    Eh I feel we might make the usual moves. And Hillis was just a catastrophe this year. I think we may resign him if we aren't able to take Trent Richardson in the draft.(IE if Blackmon is there I'd rather have Blackmon.) but I chances are that we'll resign him. If he just stays healthy and goes 110 percent he can get 1000 yards consistently
  6. Delusional
    Hillis is a waste of time. You'll be getting a better version of Hillis if you go with Richardson.

    However, I doubt that's what the Browns will do. They aren't sold on Colt McCoy. They are in prime position to get RG3, which makes almost too much sense for them. A franchise QB with significant leadership and athletic ability. If they do go with RG3, they might go for resigning Hillis, as long as he can prove that he will give it his all.
  7. Delusional
    Steel, if you see this, your team got Tebowed!!!
  8. Delusional
    And Fred, if you see this, your team is next!!!
    Bring it on! Jesus may be a Tebo fan but His Father is a Brady fan!
  10. nupebolt83
    I really don't see The Pats getting "Tebowed" as you would history has shown us..."Luck eventually runs out" and I think it will run out this week in Foxboro...The Pats aren't going to something as stupid as The Steelers did in OT by putting your entire Defense on the line and overly anticipating that Tebow is gonna play "The Hero" and run the ball...My God, Tebow must have had a hard on when he saw that !!!
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