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The Football War Room

    looks like John Harbaugh is still butt-sore about the AFC Championship last year bringing up the whole "spy-gate" nonsense again
  2. darklord43
    pats beat them..hey, don't drop a ball, and you win...that simple..balt played a good game, but the right team advanced, the one most deserving, and the one IMO (sorry raven) that would have made the best matchup vs giants....giants would have killed balt with their pass rush with only 4 guys....they are a tough matchup come playoff time...
    Pats are out for blood this season. they currently have 12 players in their WR corps starting with Welker, Lloyd, Stallworth, Gaffney, Branch, Ochocinco & Gonzalez. Add to it the best TE combo in the league & a revamped D & I see them destened for greatness this year. I still see them adding a few solid veterans to the mix also.
    Sorry to gloat, but I havent been this excited about the team since 07.
  4. darklord43
    I am glad for my team aS WELL, but i do admit--colts have fallen...broncos have risen...ravens with suggs out have fallen, tyhey will need to score 7 points more per game now...steelers have risen..bengals have risen..even browns have risen...jets?--sorry charlie..LOL!...bills have has risen, but needs a good run game....should be a good afc side this year, with the usual teams rising....I see pats, houston as div champs.....styeelers and bengals as competing,sd and broncos as competing....those 6 teams--IMO rioght now, are your 6 afc teams in the playoffs....and a nice bunch..sorry raven,, but ravens slip a bit this year bengals overtake them, maybe even win the north, with steelers either winning north or wild....same for broncos/ champ, one wild...agree? disagree?
  5. darklord43
    sorry drunk a bit...pats /houstin.....steelers/ bills into that mix for all champ/wild teams..yes..bills have improved that much...ravens slip, dolphins gimme a break...LOL!...tenn?---just not sold on them...jets fail once again....lemme hear wghat you npredict for wild/champs...
    haha steel's ******! Pats win it all, no doubt.
  7. nupebolt83
    probably sick of hearing it but...R.I.P. #55, You will be missed and will ALWAYS be a Charger!!!
  8. cowboyskilla
    Hey guys how's it goin? Long time no chat..... dont know about you guys but this year's thursday night football is gunna be legit..@ravens23, watchout buddy, I smell the Brownies getting a tasty upset for the Raven's belly hahaha
  9. Delusional
    This place is dead... :cry:

    Thanks for the great memories though. I certainly won't forget the awesome times we've had in here.
  10. nupebolt83
    ...Thanks to the mediators for banning everyone for stupid ********!!!!!!
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