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    ya me too & im psyched the Pats finally landed a pass rusher!!! Chandler Jones DE Syracuse dude is beastly!
    and stud LB Hightower from Bama to boot! looks like Pats D is gunna get nasty!!!
  3. darklord43
    what's up fred!...yeah, pats DEF needed a pass rusher, some had jones rated lower than what he went, but there was a run going on them, so pats traded up and snagged one before they was all gone, then moved back and got what would have been a steelers player in hightower, if not for decastro sliding (thanks for all Gms who made that possible, mostly the bengals!!!) then hightower wouldn't have been there at all...
  4. darklord43
    OK--steelers picks so far (3rd round)...gotta say--wow...cannot believe steelers landed 24...this guy was considered 10-15, and a lock to go before 20...steelers didn't believe he would be there, and even had some plans to trade up and get him, but nobody would give up a deal they liked to move they stayed there, and still ended up with position 24, you usually don't land any top prospect, unless you draft a kicker..LOL!.. especially one graded out in the high 8.9 range overall, considered posiiton grade the 5th best grade of a player of all positions..and to boot, a position of need!!!...alan faneca is back, he just changed his name..a pulling guard again, about fooking time...round 2--adams, top talent as a ot, but weed problems from this guy- usually steelers don't go there, what is it about ohio state guys and weed? (holmes?)...talent wise, he has it, could be a RT or LT, good player needs coaching it, but hope this dude keeps his head right.
  5. darklord43
    3rd round....HATED IT!!!!...a small undersized tampa 2 size short OLB doesn't work in a hybrid 34 defense...much better players there with needs other than OLB..we are fine there...and 3rd round is still top 100 -players, too early for special teams the first , cool with the second..really hate their 3rd pick...
  6. darklord43
    OK--hats off to---KC for poe....hats off to--ravens for trading out( when pats took hightower,who ravens wanted behind lewis)...traded out, got an extra 4th rnd,and still got an alabama OLB who they probably would have taken at their original spot(if the steelers had taken hightower that is)..hats off to--vikes, for selling the browns a bunch of crap about trading up--browns give up their entire late draft to move up ONE spot, and take a RB--then vikes still draft the guy they would have anyway!!!...vikes and ravens def did a great job of going back, still getting their guy, and getting xtra picks...those damn brownies crack me up man...
  7. darklord43
    sorry--hats off to to the pats for FINALLY taking some 1st round guys..LOL!..just kidding..personally I liked hightower pick more than the first guy, i think hightower/mayo is the new beginning of, what you once had a few years back perhaps???...since vrabel was a steelers trained LB, only fitting that EVERY MOCK DRAFT had hightower as a steeler, because NOONE had decastro still, enjoy some more steelers castoffs or could have beens...only makes me hate it more when you beat the steelers, when you have former steelers players on your team...LOL!..J/K--pats did a nice job def picks, def needed that.
  8. darklord43
    ok-steelers draft final thoughts--I am very happy with the players selected, the only one i didn't like was the spence OLB pick, but after reading a bit the coach for steelers (keith butler LB coach) said this guy would be playing ILB for steelers..a bit short perhaps, but that is a much better option, we will see...steelers went 12-4 with some real glaring problems at certain places, and looks like they hit gold so far on every problem position, with the exception of CB, but there are plenty of 2-4 picks made last few years at that position, so I guess they felt comforatable with in house players as far as quality, and only added a late guy...but chris rainey, now that one I really like the scat back florida...(cont)
  9. darklord43
    nice to be able to add another x-factor type guy into the mix, possible HUGE upgrade over melwelde moore, a darren sproles small speed back type. I hope he is half as good as sproles, that would be plenty enough there--any more than that-is gold man....truth is--as far as all afc north teams--all got better...I think the browns screwed up a bit in trades, but still--ended up with decent players by doing them, so that's the main goal right? i can't really say the browns did bad...ravens?--very good,sergio kindle pick a few years back didn't pan out, but this guy will in upshaw...nice adds thru the whole draft for them...bengals did a really good job, and they are starting to hit on the draft picks, if success at QB continues--the bengals will be a team of superstars already, their drafts last few years have all been good, and that sooner or later---means success...lions anyone?..if you keep drafting good, even the lowly lions can make the playoffs right?
  10. darklord43
    Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Year: 12-4)

    2012 NFL Draft Grade: A+

    2012 NFL Draft Accomplishments: And so they did. It's unbelievable that Pittsburgh was able to walk away with David DeCastro without trading up from the No. 24 pick. The Steelers will probably have the best guard in the NFL over the next decade. It's amazing how the rich always get richer in the NFL.

    Mike Adams and Alameda Ta'amu were also steals who filled needs. All of Pittsburgh's late-round selections were decent, especially Chris Rainey, who will offer the type of game-breaking ability out of the backfield that the Steelers haven't had since Willie Parker. The only pick I'd question is Sean Spence because I don't know how he'll fit into the 3-4. Kevin Colbert is one of the top general managers in the NFL though, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Pittsburgh had the best draft class this April. The team addressed multiple holes with the best players available. A+.
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