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Writing Exercise 1

  1. aNYer
    Post your stories here.

    The stories should include the following:
    A war vet
    Set in the desert
    Be told from the 2nd person POV
    The story should include an eskimo. The Eskimo may be the war vet but doesn't have to be.
    The story should include a pet dog.
    The story should include a local woman holding a baby.
  2. Crom-Viscera
    i had an idea for this so i'll post it here before people start writing their stories. the war vet points the gun at insurgents of a 3rd world country accused of terrorism
  3. aNYer
    There are already 6 things to include dude. There will be more writing exercises but you don't want to write the story for people with the rules.
  4. Crom-Viscera
    alright wasn't aware of that sorry i'll wait for the next one
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