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Writing exercise

  1. aNYer
    This can be where we organize writing exercises for those that want to get back into writing or just want some inspiration to write. So go ahead and post any exercises, ideas, etc. etc. etc. you can think of here.

    I used to do this with some other writers. Basically this is how it works.

    Posters each put one rule for a short story at a time. So for example one poster will say the story has to include this or that, then the next will add a new rule. And this continues until there are 5 or 6 (more or less depending on what people want) To clarify

    1st person: There has to be a gun in the story somehow.
    2nd person: The gun can not be fired but must be aimed at someone.
    3rd person: The story must contain the word Ruby

    And eventually you have a nice little handful of rules and you see all the different ways people can flip that into a story. Anyone interested?
  2. carson005
    Sure lets do this.

    There must be a war veteran in your story.
  3. aNYer
    The story must take place in a desert location.
  4. TheRuckus
    The story must be told from the second person point of view.
  5. aNYer
    Wow Ruck, thats awesome. Have not seen that in a while.
  6. ewing
    there is an Eskimo in the desert (maybe the war vet maybe not)
  7. jetsforever
    The story has to involve a pet dog
  8. aNYer
    Alright, now we just need one or 2 more depending on how many you guys want. Once thats set we will open a new thread for it so that this can be clutter free.
  9. steelcityroller
    The war veteran for some reason keeps seeing images of a local woman holding a baby.
  10. aNYer
    Alright. I think that's enough for one short story. Gonna make the new thread.
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