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Green Bay Packers fans

  1. wwfd1220
    hey can we do game threads in here ? so no other fans can come in here and talk ****
  2. wwfd1220
    btw glad to be a part of this group
  3. Martz
    Glad to be here...thanks for the invite.
  4. ryanph30
    No sorry I don't think we can do game threads in here. We could post them in the group info each week and discuss them in here though. Also I have this set as a public group, so anyone can join. But if there is alot of idiots coming in here I may make it a private group. There are still alot of invites out right now, but feel free to tell anyone to join.

    Thanks for joining guys.

    Go Pack Go!
  5. Rtardz
    alright cool, thanks for the invite guys!! Kinda nice to have our own digs
  6. Twinke Masta
    Twinke Masta
    Go pack
  7. Rtardz
    I know this is off topic but does anyone in here play gears of war? My gamer tag is HIM81 look me up
  8. ryanph30
    I haven't played GOW forever, but I play COD4 and Halo online. Give me a add, ryanph30.
  9. ryanph30
    Alright guys this is the 4th largest group, let's get more peopling joining and be the biggest.
  10. XJW18
    4th largest group huh.
    How many guys are in the Number one Group and what group is it?

    and whats with the Broom Ryan?
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