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G.O.A.T. Project

  1. Chronz
    Seems people have been having trouble posting on this forum so Im testing something out.
  2. JordansBulls
    Under the assumption that both players have to be allstar quality this would eliminate the Bulls since Paxson nor Harper were allstars on Chicago or even close. Even though MJ himself is better than Isiah/Dumars combined and Frazier/Monroe

    I'd do top 3 as I don't feel like thinking of 5.

    Backcourts PG/SG
    1. Isiah/Dumars (Pistons)
    2. Frazier/Monroe (Knicks)
    3. Cousy/Sharman (Celtics)

    Forward Tandom (SF/PF)
    1. Bird/Mchale
    2. Dr J/Barkley
    3. Nique/M.Malone

    Swingman Tandems (SG/SF)
    1. MJ/Scottie
    2. West/Baylor
    3. Wade/Lebron
    4. Sam Jones/HONDO

    Twin Towers (PF/C)
    1. Robinson/Duncan
    2. Hakeem/Sampson
    3. Russell/Heinsohn or Wilt/Jackson/Cunnigham

    Best FrontCourts
    1. Bird/Mchale/Parish
    2. Wilt/Jackson/Cunningham
    3. Dr J/Toney/Moses

    Big Man/Little Man Combos (PG/C or PG/PF or SG/PF or SG/C)
    1. Magic/Kareem
    2. Kobe/Shaq
    3. Hondo or Jones and Russell
    4. Oscar/Kareem
    5. Greer/Wilt
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