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Broncos-Raiders 2011/2012 Sig Bet

  1. weeman323
    What happens if the lockout continues through the season?
  2. dbroncos78087
    I thought about putting that in there. Technically you would lose, but that would not be something i would enforce. I will put that in, null and void if there is a lockout or there arent 16 games. That way if they add two games or something we are covered too.
  3. mgjohnson7851
    raiders will win 5 games... you took ur one step forward, now its time for you guys to take two steps back haha
  4. weeman323
    Why are you talking about steps? Are we dancing or something?
  5. mgjohnson7851
    its a phrase lol
  6. RaidersLakers24
    So bronco fans are you ready to lose that sig bet?
  7. dbroncos78087
    If by lose you mean win then yes.
  8. RaidersLakers24
    Hahaha funny well let's just let the season play out and we will see what happens
  9. weeman323
    Alright, I'll man up and take the lost. Select the sig.
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