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AL East Rivalry

  1. WolvesJagsOs
    Welcome AL East fans.
  2. Melo15
    What it do baby boo
  3. ManRam
    Can't wait to not be in last place in a few days
  4. Melo15
    Yeah right, the Red Sox suck. They'll be lucky to win 6 games all year.
  5. WolvesJagsOs
    Been tough last few games for the O's, hopefully they get out of there little slump tonight against Minnesota.
  6. Melo15
    Go Minnesota
  7. F*(&"Next Year"
    F*(&"Next Year"
    Im an Expos fan
  8. WolvesJagsOs
    Man, Vlad and D.Lee have sure been a disappointment so far, its early, but dang, 1 HR each? and both batting like .200? Once they start getting going, it will help a ton.
  9. Celtic AL
    Celtic AL
    Sebu Lions will win the World Series
  10. WolvesJagsOs
    That was great last night. Our lineup might have woken up, 11 runs in last nights game, compared to 20 runs in the previous 7 before that. Britton tonight on Wed. Night Baseball.
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