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Jimbob Suicide Watch Group

  1. Robbw241
    Dude we are all here for you. Don't do anything stupid
  2. Robbw241
    Deron is here for you as well, in his sexy Nets jersey
  3. MGB
    WOW! huge deal... but I think I like it better for the Jazz.
  4. sacgiants1213
    You may have lost your best player, but at least your not about to lose your team. You have it good, jimbob.
  5. jbeezy
    poor jimbobby
  6. DerekRE_3
    well for jimbob it doesn't matter if his team moves, he goes between Lubbock and Leicester.
  7. Baller1
    Now imagine if you traded us Millsap...

    Don't worry jimbob, I lost my team entirely.
  8. Mane
    Jimbob, its ok. it's going to get better, remember that.
  9. Bucsfan
    it will start a chain reaction of suicides, hopefully if it happens dukejazz will follow
  10. Wilson
    I can't make sense of this for the Jazz...I feel for you Jimbob
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