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Strive and Derek Sittin' In a Tree

  1. Robbw241
    Congrats Derek and Strive
  2. DerekRE_3
    strive baby, it's ok. Let it happen
  3. homestarunner93
    Who's Strive?
  4. Robbw241
    There is punch and pie yes.
  5. dhopisthename
    so who is strive? and congrats
  6. DerekRE_3
    haha nice south park movie reference rob. Strive is my favorite Pistons fan. Just go to my profile page, one of strive's posts will be on the first page, and then hit view conversation and you will know the story.
  7. DerekRE_3
    I'm also getting strive to love Boogie Cousins. He started off hating him, and with my love and guidance he has come to realize he only dislikes him.
  8. the_jon
    Today is a good day
  9. sacgiants1213
    I'm honored to be invited into this amazing group. dddddddaaaaaaaannnnnnngggggg!
  10. jbeezy
    How cute
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