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Knicks Draft House, and aNYer appreciation lair

  1. PC
    As it stands right now, we'll be keeping our pick and most likely drafting in the mid-late 1st round
  2. Weezy
    I was never really worried about this years pick but next year? Who knows? Anything can happen.. really wished we had only given this switch business and Hill
  3. D-Leethal
    what up fellllllaz
  4. omdigga
    anyer appreciation lair.. lol..

    ether>>>>takeover.. even jay recognizes that

    cant help but feel happy about houston losing... all i can remember is how all the rocket fans were talkin about how they killed us in that trade.. which they kind of did.. but i like where we are now compared to them..
  5. 29$JerZ
    DBZ > Rose
    I said it

    Also Nas > Jay Z
  6. Weezy
    Great Jerz is in here... now we can't talk trash about him behind his back. Oh well we will still do it anyways.....that guy is just such a horrific poster on here. Right???
  7. PC
    I second that Weezy
  8. D-Leethal
    ayo Kash, pretty sure Jigga man has said if it wasn't for that crappy song with Lil Kim and Puffy that Vol. 1 would be up there with Reasonable Doubt

    A million and 1 questions, Streets is watching, imaginary players, friend or foe 98, and who you wit II are strong enough to carry the album on its own, ***** fiyaaaaaaa with a few weak links like pretty much every Nas album (except the majority of Nas albums are weak links a 3-4 songs that are fiyaaaa)

    And I am a big Nas fan
  9. aNYer
    I think I overdid the last edit in the OP, but there is no way to miss the link now.

    I have a feeling this will become more OT then draft, but I also have a feeling this is going to be pretty freaking funny.
  10. PC
    By the way, it might be helpful if some of the group members put the link in their sig, that way it'd be a bit more accessible
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