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Jets-Pats sig bet 12/06/10

  1. Celtic AL
    Celtic AL
    if the jets lose im thinking "welcome to Mccourty Island" with a pic of Mccourty on your sigs! and the pats 3 titles as your avatar! but if the pats lose ill add "Revis owns All" & "Obey Revis" with a revis pic/sig on my sig! and ill make my avatar the jets logo!
  2. calijetzfan
    if the jets lose ill do whatever anyone wants .but when the pats lose A sig that Brady is lesser than Sanchez and u have to make your avatar a pic of sanchez!
  3. calijetzfan
    ill make the Brady is less than Sanchez myself i want it to be demeaning lol
  4. knicks_champ
    I'm in. Let's not be sore losers if our teams lose guys. Good Luck to everyone.
  5. calijetzfan
    i think my jets brothers are gunna wanna use my sig im go all out on it (within the lines of PSD)
  6. SportsAndrew25
    Go Jets!
  7. calijetzfan
    didnt go all out but it makes my point lol heres the sig u losers will have to post up

  8. calijetzfan
    and here is your avatar

  9. Patsfan56
    I'm in gentlemen. Should be a good game!
  10. Agar81
    I'm in
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