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Dan Woodhead Fan Club

  1. j-bay
    we got to give woodhead a nickname
  2. jetsforever
    Well deserved. Kids a beast
  3. j-bay
    wow a jets fan still loves woodhead
  4. jetsfan89
    yeah im a jets fan, i dont care
  5. j-bay
    so i got a ? even though he is a patriot is woodhead your favorite non jets player
  6. Super.
    It's cool. This is where we can express our completely homosexual love for the shifty little ****
  7. j-bay
    woodhead got crushed ouch
  8. jetsforever
    Honestly although he is no longer a Jet, you have to love the effort he puts in and how he is succeeding now.

    Until he has a great game in vs my Jets I see no reason not to like the guy
  9. Super.
    Note to all short white people. If your quick and can play football for the Patriots!
  10. Pinstripe pride
    Pinstripe pride
    i'm not a jets or patriots fan and i love the guy. he's like the NFL rudy
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