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The Posters Union

  1. Your Name Here
    Your Name Here
    "1) Quality of Posters
    This cannot be control, nor should it be controlled. To think that PSD should do something to limit "bad" posters is ridiculous. PSD is a business and needs to act like a business first and foremost. Eliminating "bad" posters is bad for business. I find it pathetic how people actually complain about this. People are dumb. We get it. Get over it."

    Yes, people are dumb. However, when I call someone dumb, which is nothing more than a statement of fact, then I'm the one that gets an infraction/ban. There is no end to how much that is bull ****.

    If the idiots can have free reign to spew their stupid all over the place, then us *** holes should have the same liberties.
  2. Sportfan
    Rant forum plz.
  3. DCSportsIsPain
    This appears to have been taken about as seriously as everything else on PSD ...
  4. still1ballin
    So I guess this is dead now huh
  5. Pittz
  6. Natinals
    I think some of the main guys left the site.
  7. mdlr52192
    I tried my best...but nothing
  8. Pittz
    Really? Who left the site?
  9. Eagles4Lyfe
    I think one thing that someone should receive an infraction for is when people point out someones grammar and spelling time and time when its a sports forum..Its not like people are talking slang like sometimes people have no comebacks or nothing better to say they try finding grammatical error, its unnecessary..
  10. Ian.
    Bad grammar is just as unnecessary and visually offensive to some.
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