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The Posters Union

  1. VRP723
    With 26 people there are 332123, but I counted in alphabetical order so from the time it took me to get from G to Z, Gigantes probably made another 60 posts
  2. whitesoxfan83
    I didnt wanna do an active count cause of Gigantes...

    Seriously though, we're a 1/3 of the way there guys and I still have 12 invites out.

    Send me more posters who arent here, I dont post in all the forums, you guys need to be the Union's eyes. Send interested posters this way.
  3. koldjerky
    I think I posted this somewhere before but it really does take more than just mods to get the work done. I see that a few people actually agree that it isn't just the mods that don't do their job but it's that we cannot ban/infract for stupidity. If it were that easy we would be a very civilized place.

    The one thing I do want to add is that even though I'm not going to reach out to everyone REPORTING POSTS really is the best way for us to handle situations. I don't know football too well, well I do I just don't like it as much as the MLB, so I don't frequent every thread like I would in the Phillies/MLB forums. It's easier for me to moderate something I'm a lot more interested in; however, it's also easier for me to be unbiased when I'm in the NFL forum because I haven't made any special "friendships" with anyone in there, really. Reported posts makes it easier for me to go in to those forums I wouldn't usually.

    Also please please please ignore bad posts.
  4. jetsforever
    If I ignore bad posts in the NFL forum... I don't read throughout the entire forum. Which has become a problem.

    Trust me. I love a good debate. That's what it used to be in the NFL forum with me. I went into the NFL forum to debate and argue (not by baiting) and I would post in the Jets forum to talk to fellow fans. I have pretty much cut out 1/2 of those things.
  5. koldjerky
    Ignore in the way of not responding with "You're an idiot." type of responses. If you look at every single one of the posts that say "you're an idiot" or something along those lines I can guarantee you that if you omit that line the substance of the post is still valid.

    There's no need for posts like that because that's how the majority of the problems escalate.
  6. 1-800-STFU
    Let banned users posts in feedback and support. Lets them state their case if pissed
  7. BALLER71
    Ban anyone who says "In Before the Lock."
  8. VRP723
    In Before the Lock, U Mad and Cool Story Bro need to go, absolutely.
  9. Mr. Baller
    Mr. Baller
    I mean, I am not sure if you guys could make it work on this forum, but on one wrestling forum that I go on, you must explain why you said something in all your posts or it is considered spam.
  10. whitesoxfan83
    It seems like we're getting a lot of ideas in regards to poster behavior and how to ignore "stupidity"

    Thats great guys, but the purpose of this is to explore how the site can fix those problems. Someone brought up a good point in regards to ignore lists being useless if people keep quoting users that have been ignored.

    Why arent quoted posts ignored as well?

    I dont want to make this a main issue, im just trying to say for every problem we have remember we need solutions too.
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