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The Posters Union

  1. mdlr52192
    Ian's right, bad grammar a lot of times just shows no coherence in thought.

    Anyway, I really don't know what we as posters can do. There's technically nothing wrong with what stupid posters are doing, they're just expressing their opinions (as ignorant and wrong as they may be) and we have to allow them to do that. And even if we were to ban/infract for stupidity, most of us here have the same power as those posters do. I think this was a nice idea, but this is more of a group of the best posters on PSD, and that's it. The only things we can do are to decrease the time in between reported posts and maybe hoping that some more mods get appointed. For appealing bans/infractions, most likely the process would take about as long as the ban anyway, plus it's just extra work for the mods to sift through, taking away from their moderation so that won't help. For an ignored poster being able to read your post, what if they legitimately want to read what you have to say? You can't really take that away from them. As for thread-making, there shouldn't be a post limit, that will repel new posters, and like mentioned, PSD is a business. Also, what if they actually have something to add, you can't just make generalizations based on them being "new"
  2. mdlr52192
    and btw we have 864,734 posts as of 12:22 AM today
  3. ritz
    I hate some people.
  4. Havoc Wreaker
    Havoc Wreaker
    Ian is always right.
  5. Pittz
  6. Hustla23
    So, did you ambitious people get anything done?
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