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The Posters Union

  1. Ian.
    Hi fellas. Let's keep this civil and not turn it into a mod hatefest or anything like that.
  2. whitesoxfan83
    Guys, if you know of posters that would be interested in this please PM me their usernames.

    I can only recruit so much. There's about 25 invites out right now after the 4 of us. JD will join once he gets back. But I want more.
  3. ElFuturoDeESPN
    This is a great idea. Thanks for the invite.
  4. TheRuckus
    Unions are for lazy Communists.
  5. whitesoxfan83
    or Norma Rae.

    But seriously guys. Start the venting now. Ill continue to update our homepage with issues that are brought up so we can discuss them as a group.

    Ill be back from class at 630 and will update it then.
  6. theproof
    Thanks for the invite
  7. carson005
    Agree with Ian. Personally I like the mods and think they do a good job. Its the posters that are the problem.
  8. jetsforever
    Copy and Paste Carson's comment here. I'm tired of stupidity that occurs. And Its constant. The quality of posters continues to dip and thats what angers me.

    More Moderation is what I personally want. Report posts guys
  9. Mr. Baller
    Mr. Baller
    The posters have driven me to stop posting in some forums. It is really sad, because the Mods are doing the best they can but there are just so many crappy posts.
  10. gocubs2118
    And it's also hard to ignore all of these bad and annoying posters when people keep quoting them. There really isn't any point to putting someone on your ignore list, unless we get everyone to ignore that poster. Which would never happen.
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