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The Posters Union

  1. jetsfan89
    Lets take the NFL forum for example

    Someone posts a thread saying for 14 straight years so and so teams did not make the playoffs. And then to name 5 teams who weren't in it last year but who'll make it this year. Ok, wonderful.

    Then someone posts "For 14 straight years the Jets have sucked." In addition to being completely untrue and ********, is also off topic and is a clear bait. So some Jets fans take the bait and get into a ******** contest with this guy, completely derailing the thread and its purpose. By the time the mods come to delete the posts, the thread and the conversation is ruined.

    I understand the mods can't supervise every single post 24/7, which is why every single poster (whether you are a jets fan or whomever) needs to report these posts. Seriously, I can't tell you how much Reporting posts needs to be emphasized to all posters. If we report baiting and off topic posts early, the threads wont be derailed. I understand we can't solve a stupidity problem, but simple **** like that could easily be avoided.
  2. whitesoxfan83
    In that set of circumstances Jetsfan I think something like a user delete button for specific posts would be wonderful.

    It takes away the hassle of having to deal with putting people on an ignore list, if you could just have a button that merely ignored single posts that would at least do something in specific threads in regards to **** fights that break out.

    As for some taking the "bait" I dont really have any solid ideas on how to stop that... Its just the nature of the site.
  3. RavensFan23
    I think people should receive infractions for derailing a thread. Baiting is also against the ToC yet nobody ever gets caught with it.
  4. Eagles4Lyfe
    I AGREE wholeheartedly with the guy who says if a user gets banned we should do like a mini trial where they try making a good case or make a nice argument im 100% all for that
  5. Eagles4Lyfe
    One more thing the biggest problem i think it letting guys with 2 3 posts start threads which is annoying because they make the most ridiculous thread, they should have a limit of atleast 1000 posts before being able to make a thread
  6. Mr. Baller
    Mr. Baller
    1000 is too high and I don't think that will fly, however 250 I think is a suitable number.
  7. Halladay
    We do need more mods around the site IMO. Like me and Carson, we should both be mods, we'd rule with the sickle and hammer in the NHL forum.
  8. db75
    In before lock...

    Seriously though, the quality of posters on this site is absolutely pathetic (and has become pathetic in the past year and a half or so I'd say). It'd be so nice if you could ban for stupidity, but I know there's no way that can be patrolled.
  9. DCSportsIsPain
    Ignorance is rampant on sports forums, however, nothing supersedes receiving two infractions for calling myself a racial slur. I also agree with many of the other suggestions and ideas posted by others. I would add that a reasonable attempt at literacy, i.e. spelling player's names correctly and using English as opposed to ebonics would be a pleasant change of pace.
  10. CityofTreez
    You got to let the new user start threads, they'll run away when given a limit of posts to start a thread. What I do is be patient and answer as honest as I can be, but when they push it (post absurd crap) then they'll get a smart-*** remark by myself. After that, I leave the thread alone (unless, it's one of my respected preferred sports teams (SF 49ers, Sac Kings, Phillies).

    I generally view the MLB Forum, the NFL forum comes next, but the NBA forum is unbearable. The most active forum literally makes me go bizzerk (kind of a concern, IMO)
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