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Cardboard Heroes (sports cards)

  1. PistonsFan14
  2. PistonsFan14
    mario have u seen those logomen from NT Bball? That product all around is so sick!
  3. jezzyman05
    I collect Tim Duncan, David Robinson, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Michael Crabtree, Chris Paul, and Sidney Crosby, and a few others

    (I got the sickest DeSean Jackson Collection ever assembled!!!!)
  4. fadedmario
    I just bought 2 T-Mac autos - go pistons !
  5. sf-fanatic
    anyone here not only do sports card but also sports memoribilia? like bobbleheads, bats, gloves, balls, jerseys etc
  6. PistonsFan14
    I have an Al Kaline bobble head (give to the first 1,000 fans i believe) from July 3rd at comerica park. My brother and cousin took theirs out of the box. My grandpa and I kept ours in our boxes. Never been opened or touched.

    I also have a Rogers Clemens Auto with COA (my uncle worked with clemens best friend and he got it at an exclusive cherity auction)

    I should have sold it before the steroids and hgh stuff.

    And I have an assortment of foul balls from minor league games all over the country and a few balls from tigers games. got 1 foul ball and 2 batting practice balls from tigs games.

    Also a Jose Lima and Bobby Higgonson autographed mini bat.

    Brad Radke/Eddie Gurdado auto ball from a game in minnesota when they were signing pre game.

    And a bunch of other random auto balls from AAA and AA games as well as tigers memrobillia.
  7. kingcanadian409
    Hey boys I have 2 sets of unopened 1990 topps baseball. Would it be best to open them and seed what I have or keep the packs sealed? What would gain the most profit?
  8. Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam
    I just dug up a set of 16 Carmell anthony Cars and 16 Lebron James card. I got them in a old upper deck set from 6 years ago. The case and everything is in mint condition. After or rather if Melo goes to another team I should start shopping them. It would make them all the more valuable. I also just dug up some tops rookie cards, I found an Ubaldo,Lincecum as well as an Evan longoria. I dont buy anything special, just your average tops,fleer,upper deck. I just picked up a pack of tops the other day ( Just a 10 pack ) and lucked out! I got Pedro Alvarez and Austin Jackson Rookie cards. Two players with very bright futures.
  9. fadedmario
    I got around 20 T206 (detroit tiger) cards uncle sam. I can probably sell you one for around 30 dollars. A common books for 100 (I think).
  10. fadedmario
    Don't open the 1990 baseball kingcanadian.
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