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Cardboard Heroes (sports cards)

  1. fadedmario
    I got some Celtic cards you might be interested in. (certified autos of Archibald, Bird, Parrish, Rondo, Pierce). I'm sure I have more star player autos of Celtics. Those are just off the top of my head. I have a ton of certified basketball card autos. I have a baseball card collection that goes back as far as 1887 (Buchner N284). Don't be afraid to ask me about what your looking for. I'll probably have it. I also have a huge Detroit (all sports) card collection. i have many T206 tobacco cards as well. I also have a ton of new stuff (thousands of certified autos and game used cards of all sports). I have a large Mickey Mantle collection too. I'm looking for people to trade cards with. I've never traded online and always wanted to get into it. If any of you have experience trading online, let us know the best way to do it.
  2. fadedmario
    I collect Baseball, Basketball, and Football mostly.
  3. fadedmario
    I'm doing a card show September 11 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's at a Holiday Inn out by the college (131). I just bought a 2007-08 Hot Prospects Notable Notations auto of Lebron James.
    98% of my cards are baseball, a handfull of basketball & football

    nothing spectacular, just ur regular ol fleer, topps, donruss

    haven't had anything since like 94-95 (I think).... So nothing too special.

    Got some nice names, but nothing to really brag about.... Just wanted to join cuz I've ways liked baseball cards, even though I haven't collected in years
  5. fadedmario
    It's never too late to get back into it. I just started up about 4 years ago (I'm 30). I had quit collecting for about 10 years. i'm having a blast doing it now.
  6. Chad Smith
    Chad Smith
    I'll have to stop by the Holiday Inn on that day and drool all over your Lions cards.
  7. fadedmario
  8. jtrinaldi
    yeah,I just got out of cards,i have a few left including a adrian peterson autograph that i pulled the day after christmas that is worth around $400
    now i just really autograph , i do the brewers hotel,but mainly the beloit snappers (Aaron Hicks is a ****ing beast)
  9. fadedmario
    My friend Dustin Landis played baseball for Beloit
  10. sleepercell3
    So, what could I get for a Justin Verlander Signed topps 06 rookie card? Huh?
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