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Cardboard Heroes (sports cards)

  1. fadedmario
    Whats up everyone. All card collectors are welcome to join. I am a card dealer. I can help either sell or I can help you find something your looking for.
  2. PistonsFan14
    WOOO! Haha i hope we get more ppl in here this could be fun. Ill be posting my tigers PC on youtube this weekend!
  3. sf-fanatic
    this will be great if we can get more people in here
  4. fadedmario
    We will. Just get the word out.
  5. fadedmario
    You guys should post in the thread I made for this group. That way when people get out of work today they will see it. Thanks. Once we start getting some members we can start talking card collections and what were all looking for. - Mario
  6. jezzyman05
    I am a new card dealer as well I buy sell and trade
  7. fadedmario
    I just sent invites to people I know collect from my friends list.
  8. fadedmario
    This will be cool if we can get the word out.
  9. fadedmario
    I have a huge card collection.
  10. Rocket21k
    Hello group. I collect mostly Clemens cards and high end Celtics cards, but have a large collection of just about everything.
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