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Dragon Ballerz

  1. Trouble87

    ^ Group Logo

    This group was specifically made for the fans of basketball and DBZ

    Feel free to post links to images, videos, or anything you find interesting or hilarious
  2. Trouble87

    ^ Signature sized Group Logo to rep the Ballerz to the rest of PSD
  3. Weezy
    Its actually pretty funny how we related our Knicks with this show... who ever knew?
  4. Weezy
  5. Hustla23
    Man, that sig is awesome.

    Do I have to lose my Tina sig ?
  6. Dmagic87
    lol you guys are insane. Weezy knows, but I am actually watch GT right now lol during work. Haha.
  7. $KnicksAndKobe$
    do you guys know mike08legacy?
  8. Weezy
    who is mike08legacy? and yes Hustla you might have to!! Even though Tina is a hottie. Shes def a milf.
  9. PlezPlayDKnicks
    Walt clyde/great saiyaman... Crazy outfits mixed in with predictable dialogue
  10. Trouble87
    you could just put it in with Tina

    the sig is pretty small
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