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United Alliance against the Queen!

  1. still1ballin
    **** lebron james ***** *** *****
  2. _KB24_
    hes a dick. keep ya ahead up Ohio.
  3. IDB Josh M
    IDB Josh M
    Just remember Lebron, DJ Mbenga won a title, and all he had to do is sit on the bench. Adam Morrison didn't even have to suit up!
  4. rhaas74
    Well the only way LeBron knew he would ever have a chance at a title is if he didn't do it Kobe style.
  5. _KB24_
    I'm not going to even bring Kobe into this, but why the hell would he go out the way he did? Did he not know the attachment the city of Cleveland has with him? I can guarantee you that most of the Cavs fans would not react the way they did if Lebron simply signed with the Heat. All this special and going on live ****, is a slap to his home state.
  6. jetsfan89
    i guess we should have been listening to skip bayless after all
  7. JNA17
    damn shame lebron did this to his hometown
  8. ajsulli1919
    LeBron is an egotistical, selfish coward. I've lost every bit of respect I had for him. I don't think he belongs in the same sentence as MJ, Magic, Bird, Kobe, the list goes on and on but he shouldn't be on it....If he ever is mentioned in the likes of the greats put an asterisk next to his name.
  9. drg8744511
    I saw this *** raping from "The Queen" coming when he started stinkin' it up in his last game against Boston. I was okay with the idea of him leaving Cleveland up until he had to go and have an hour long show just to slap the city of Cleveland in the face!! Karma's a ***** and there is no running from it.
  10. celmxc
    he could not get the job done in Cleveland so he is
    running away like a little boy
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