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W.E.E.D Group

  1. ~Colt.45~
    dam this group needs to get a bit bigger b4 we start talking wait till atleast 7-8
  2. SeoulBeatz
    haha agreed. we'll wait and see there's gotta be more stoners on this site
  3. ~Colt.45~
    yup spread the word if u got fellow stoners on ur friends list tell them
  4. JMDTM
    shout out to colt 45 for the invite. glad to finally find a group of fellow tree blowers like myself
  5. ~Colt.45~
    alright the weed nations growing haha , again spread the word to fellow stoners,

    How much weed do you guys smoke a weed and month, i smoke about an eigth every 2 weeks, i dont smoke during the weed rlly mabey once or twice a month, so when i do smoke on the weekends it can be like an eighth in a weekend sometimes, b4 i would smoke every day like 2 hrs b4 i went to bed cause it helped me sleep so i didnt have to take anyhting to fall asleep
  6. ~Colt.45~
    week* haha weed must b on my brain,
  7. Mike Oxlong
    Breakfast time?
  8. Mplsman
    kush and orange juice
  9. ~Colt.45~
    i got a hookah any1 else smoke out of 1 b4? i never have but 1 of the reasons i got it is because three people can smoke at once
  10. Mplsman
    Yeah my buddy had a 4 foot glass one called the excalibur where the long stem bowl pulled out of the center, it only had 2 cords which made it fun battling for the smoke
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